Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Confession: Number Four

I have an unusual addiction to Diet Mt. Dew. If someone bought me a year supply, they would be my best friend for life no lie. Sometimes my day feels incomplete if i don't have any to drink...like now for instance.! ):

Confession: Number Three

I.LOVE.TATTOOS. I find people with them to be super hott. Honestly, people with tattoos score brownie points with me. I plan on getting tattoos soon and I'm so psyched. (:

Confession: Number Two

I have OCD. When things don't look the way I want them to, I make sure everything is in sync no matter now long it takes me. You should see my iTunes and my iPod. It's rediculous!

Confession: Number One

When people don't reply to me for an extended period of time, I make a list of all the possible things that I could have done to make them mad. It doesn't occur to me that they were busy until they respond telling me what they were doing.